We are a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization, committed to empowering women to go forward in their faith in Jesus Christ. We are not affiliated with any church or denomination. Our sole focus isn’t simply meeting needs. Instead, we are passionate about making disciples.

The ministry started 18 years ago, and was birthed out of a calling to reach out to women who were harassed and helpless, mostly in third world countries where women were treated as the least among so many. Teams began to form with the desire to let women know how much Jesus valued them, by showing them God’s love and sharing with them the message of Jesus Christ.

How do we do that? Women who are on team are asked to choose a woman of the bible who most relates to their personal story. The purpose is not just to tell guests that God loves them, but to show them through His word and action. We enhance these Bible stories through drama, song, art, or dance. Then, guests hear how the Biblical woman relates to the modern day women (which is the personal story of the women on team). This is powerful and breaks down cultural, racial, and economic walls. What we have discovered is that all women are the same. We can relate and share how God has worked through us and has taken what we have gone through to bring Him glory. This also provides a platform for other ladies to begin sharing their story.

WOW foundation is built on prayer, seeking God to lead, provide and guide.

This ministry has gone into prisons, dumps, shelters, worked with the homeless, gone to the most remote areas in the bush, and into the wealthiest parts of the United States.

WOW uses everyday women as their speakers, those who are willing to share their journey to bring glory to God.

All WOW conferences are free of charge. This makes it known to the guest that we do not want anything from them.

WOW conferences are usually 3 days internationally and 2 days in State.

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